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There will be a big change in the Gram Panchayats on March 12

पंचायत चुनाव के पहले प्रशासक करेंगे जनता का काम, 12 मार्च को समाप्त होगा जिला, जनपद व ग्राम पंचायतों का कार्यकाल, जनपद में सीईओ और पंचायतों में पीसीओ को दी जाएगी जिम्मेदारी Gram Panchayat शहडोल. जिले के जिला, जनपद और ग्राम पंचायतों के जनप्रतिनिधियों का कार्यकाल आगामी 12 मार्च को समाप्त हो जाएगा और पंचायत…




Before the Panchayat elections, the administrator will do public work, 12 The term of the district, district and gram panchayats will end on March, the responsibility will be given to the CEO in the district and the PCO in the panchayats

Gram Panchayat

Shahdol. Public representatives of district, district and gram panchayats of the district Upcoming term of 12 The march will end and before the panchayat elections, administrators will now work as public, as the preparations have been made to appoint administrators instead of elected people's representatives. District's 394 sarpanch tenure of Gram Panchayats forthcoming 12 End March Used to be. After this, ADOs and PCOs will be appointed as administrators there. The district consists of district panchayats of Burhar, Sohagpur, Gohaparu, Jaisinghnagar and Beauhari. It has been told that Chief Executive Officers will act as Administrators only because there is no role in the disbursement and disbursement work of public representatives in the district and district panchayats. Whereas in village panchayats, the sarpanch and the secretary used to have joint signatures in the withdrawal and disbursement work, hence the ADO and PCO will now address their functions after the sarpanch ends its responsibility.

Panchayat elections may be held in June

According to experts, the MP State Election Commission is currently revising the photo voter list and final publication of the voter list 26 will be done in May, so there is no possibility of holding elections before June. Due to delay in elections, Panchayat and Rural Development Department in village, district and district panchayat Bhaag has prepared to administer. 12 His term will complete on March and 13 Administrators will be appointed on March. Then administrators will do public work before the election. Elections will be held after this.

The incomplete tasks will be completed Challenge

If considered by experts

Appointed after March There will be a challenge before the administrators to complete the incomplete works in the village, district and district panchayats before the elections. According to experts, two to four tasks are incomplete in the absence of budget in most of the gram panchayats. Which will need to be completed. Apart from this, new works will also not be sanctioned and special monitoring will be done on the withdrawal of funds by sarpanch and secretary.

Number of Panchayats in the district

Village Panchayat 394

Janpad Panchayat 05

District jury 01

ADO 10 – 15

PCOS 30 – 40

Gram Panchayats in District Panchayats

District G.P. . K.

Sohagpur 77 25

Gohaparu 19 Budhar 102 25


Jaisinghnagar 87 25

This major construction work is incomplete

Work site approved Cost Reason
Playground Bhatia 2015 – 16 79lakh 50 Can not make in lakhs

Playground Bansukali 2015 – 16 79lakh 50 Can not make in lakhs

Playground Khushravaha 2017 – 18 79lakh 50 Could not make in lakhs

Pancha. Building Dhanaura 2017 – 18 12. 85 Lack of lac amount

Pancha. Building Ankuri 2017 – 18 12. 85 Lack of lac amount

Pulia Uchehra 2018 – 19 15 Half of the amount allocated

They say

12 The term of the panchayats is coming to an end on March. Administrators will be appointed before this. Proposals have been called for this from Janpad Panchayats. ADOs and PCOs will be made administrators at the gram panchayat level.

Diwakar Mishra, Officer-in-Charge, District Panchayat Cell, Shahdol

No orders have yet come to appoint administrators in Panchayats. the upcoming 12 The term of the Panchayats expires on March. Advance action will be taken shortly on getting the order.

Partha Jaiswal, CEO, Zilla Panchayat, Shahdol

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Women's Day Special: After death, husband considered his guru, learned by watching painting, made his own identity in the country

100 से ज्यादा जगहों पर दे चुकी हैं प्रस्तुतियां, देहांत के बाद पति को ही मान लिया था चित्रकारी में गुरु Women’s Day Special: मौत के बाद पति को माना गुरु, चित्रकारी देख-देखकर सीखा, देश में बनाई खुद की पहचान शहडोल. हिम्मत, जुनून और हौसले से ख्वाव को हकीकत में बदलना आसान है। डिंडौरी के…




100 have given presentations in more places, of death After the husband had accepted the guru in painting

Women's Day Special : After death, husband considered his guru, learned by watching painting, made his own identity in the country

Shahdol. Courage, passion and freshness make the dream real It is easy to change. The struggle of Chandrakali Kusham, who has emerged from Patangarh in Dindori, who has made a different identity in Gondi art across the country, is also telling a similar story. After the death of the painter husband, the whole family was disillusioned but did not give up. Chandrakali made the skill of the hand to fight the trouble and after the death of her husband, she learned the skill by looking at the albums of her painting. During this time there were also many challenges. People also advised to tighten the strings and to work as well, but challenges like the rock of Chandrakali also gave up challenges. He is now a well-known name in tribal art. Chandrakali's husband Uday Singh was known for tribal artifacts. 30 October 2009 The husband was killed. After this, the financial condition of the family faltered. There was no source of income in the family. Chandrakali said that after the death of her husband, in addition to her mother-in-law, children were responsible. Later, when the painting from Bhopal reached Dindori Patangarh, the husband was considered as the Guru. After seeing his painting, he started making paintings. Now she joined more places in the country 100 and presented tribal artifacts. And is training other artists as well.

Patrika. com / upload / 2020 / 03 / 07 / 2_3 _ 5867813 – m.jpg “>

City leaving Patangarh Tribal art reached

Patangarh of Dindori is famous for keeping the tribal art and culture alive and the tradition of painting throughout the country. It is believed that Patangarh is a treasure house of tribal Gond paintings, which is being carried forward from generation to generation. Gondi Art has reached the cities from Patangad itself.

Nothing came, after death, husband considered Guru

I could not find anything in the painting. After the death of her husband, financial problems had come up. The entire family had to take responsibility. She had learned everything from her painting by considering her husband as a guru. Many people also spoke about tightening and laboring. My paintings have been selected for several major competitions and painting camps in the country. I am also training other people in painting.

Chandrakali Kusham, Artist

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Former minister had occupied government land and resorted to resort, large action of administration

लगभग 2 हेक्टेयर शासकीय भूमि पर कर रखा था कब्जा, जारी किया गया था नोटिस पूर्व मंत्री ने सरकारी जमीन पर कब्जा कर तान दिया था रिसोर्ट, प्रशासन की बड़ी कार्रवाई शहडोल. मध्य प्रदेश में चल रही सियासी उठापटक के बीच शनिवार की सुबह पूर्वमंत्री व भाजपा विधायक संजय पाठक के बांधवगढ़ स्थित सायना रिसॉर्ट…




About 2 hectares of government land was occupied, possession was issued notice

Former Minister had occupied government land and resorted to resort, big action of administration

Action was taken. During this time administrative officer and police force were present. It is noteworthy that former minister and BJP MLA Sanjay Pathak had made serious allegations against the state government a day earlier and also said that he was and will remain in the BJP. After action in their mines, action has now been taken at their resort. Discussions about which to take full action in the political corridor are in full swing.

Occupying 2 hectares of government land

It is being told that Bandhavgarh is located Saina Resort is made up of approximately 17 hectares. Out of which about 2 hectare government land was occupied and constructed. The notice was issued by the administration on February 12 and 50 was fined thousand rupees. Even after this, the resort operator did not take the notice issued by the administration seriously.

Action taken since morning

Administration team reached Saina Resort on Saturday morning Action was taken to remove the encroachment. During this period, action was taken to remove crop along with boundary wall, watch tower, 2 gate. Collector Umaria Swarochish Somvanshi, Superintendent of Police Sachin Sharma, administrative team and police force were present during this period.

They say

Occupation of government land by resort operator In the case 12 the notice was issued on February. Even then, the encroachment was not removed by the resort operator. Regarding which action was taken to remove the encroachment.

Swarochish Somvanshi, Collector Umaria

bandhavgarh bandhavgarh national park bandhavgarh national park news bandhavgarh news Bhajpa former minister

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Players rushed with torches, talent shown in athletics competitions

पं. एसएन शुक्ल विवि में वार्षिक खेल कूद प्रतियोगिता का शुभारंभ यहां मशाल लेकर दौड़े खिलाड़ी, एथलेटिक्स प्रतियोगिताओं में दिखाई प्रतिभा शहडोल. पं. शंभूनाथ शुक्ल विवि में दो दिवसीय वार्षिक खेल कूद प्रतियोगिता का आयोजिन किया जा रहा है। जिसका शुभारंभ शुक्रवार को कुल सचिव डॉ यशवंत पटेल व विवि के शारीरिक शिक्षा एवं खेल…




Pt. Launch of annual sports competition in SN Shukla University

Players running with torches, talent shown in athletics competitions

Shahdol. A two-day annual sports competition is being organized at Pt. Shambhunath Shukla University. Which was inaugurated on Friday in the presence of the total secretary Dr. Yashwant Patel and the head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the University, Dr. Adarsh ​​Tiwari and other professors. On this occasion, the competition was lit by the guests lighting the lamp. After lighting the lamp, the torch was lit by the guests, who took the rounds of the grounds by the girls participating in the national level competitions. With this, annual sports competitions began. Athletics, volleyball, kabaddi, and chase competitions were held on the first day of the competition. In which the BPES players won in volleyball. On the other hand, the final match of the Chase and Kabaddi competition will be played on Saturday. In athletics, separate competitions were held in the female and male sections. In which competitions of races, shot put, long jump were organized. At the launch of the competition, Prof. Sapphire Dwivedi, Prof. Praveen Sharma, Prof. Ashish Tiwari, Prof. Aarti Jha, Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar, Prof. Sunita Bathre and Prof. Music Christ was present. BPES students were fully supported in the successful organization of the competitions.

In the women's category, she won

Different female competitions Out of the 100 Meter Race, Renu Kewat First and Bharti Marco Second, 1500 Monika Prajapati I, Reenu Kewat II in Meter Race, Prachi Sen I in Ball Throw, Sonam Singh II, Reenu in Long Jump Kewat I, Prachi Sen II, 10 Reneu in the thousand meter run Evt first and Laxmi Rajak came second.

Top in the male category

in male category 100 Siddharth Sharma first and Ishwardin Baiga second in the meter race, 1500 Balwant Kumar I and Om Prakash Prajapati II in the meter race, Nikhil Dwivedi I and Bharat Singh II in the ball throw, Kuber Singh I and Siddharth Sharma II in the long jump. 10 Balwant Kumar Sim in the thousand meter run First and Dinesh Kumar in second place.

athletics competitions patrika news patrika shahdol news Players rushed

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