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About Trap Town News Media

About Trap Town News Media. Established in 2010 by Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra. News media Rakesh Kumar Mishra has experience of working in big corporates. He has worked in Mumbai big media companies for almost 10 years. Consequently bringing Hindi script in Unicode to global level through digital media platform with priority (2010).

All types of news in the trap town news media have been promulgated prominently. Republish news headlines and with the sources. In future, we will continue to make full use of digital media to view and read referenced linguistic videos. Articles on this platform so that the language or tourism of that country can be propagated in all countries.

About Trap Town News Media

Along with excellent news articles publications, such as being a freelancer by a journalist. The program on quality and special topics published on YouTube channel. Almost reach more readers so that the readers get their favorite programs and articles.

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